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What Is G654 Granite Stone?

September 18, 2020

G654 Granite is a famous Chinese Stone material,that material in dark grey color and fine-grained looks.In some famous dark color granite projects, we can often see this materials use.Why this material is so popular? With this question,Legend Stone will introduce this material from many items for customers.That can help us for understand this granite stone materials in better.

G654 that is a stone number from China.In the China, every type of natural stone with own National Standard Stone Classification Number.The G that is means this material is granite stone,that is a abbreviation for granite.In addition, the 6 is means this material origin from Fujian province,China.Then we you see some granite materials with G6**, Then this stone material is granite stone from Fujian area. For mostly popular natural stone companies, when you said G654, they will know which stone material exactly.

1 G654 Granite Origin

About 15 years ago, the G654 Granite has popular in the market. Then there mainly have 2 types materials from market. The both Granite quarries origin from Zhangzhou,Fujian,China.The one material in fine grained and darker color,that named Padang Dark G654,quarry from Changtai,Zhangzhou. At the same time, the other type is in bigger flower and in lighter color,that named is Impala Black G654 Granite from Jiaomei,Zhangzhou,China. The both types belongs to Old G654 Granite stone.

With the old G654 Granite quarry closed at 2019 year, the raw granite blocks cost is higher than before. At the same time, that granite blocks supply also in slowly, there have many new G654 Granite materials from various provinces,China. For example, there have New G654 Granite from Hainan, Jiaxiang, Anhui, Jilin and Guangxi,etc. Those new G654 Granite materials also with similar dary grey color, but various materials also with own special style and different application.

2 G654 Granite Technical Specifications

Any good natural granite stone with high physical data and stable performance for different projects. G654 Granite stone also have very nice technical specifications too. That allow us can use this material for most popular granite stone projects for interior or outdoor application.Here is detailed specifications list for G654 Granite

G654 Granite Technical Specifications IntroduceDetailedUnit
Name:Sesame Black Granite,Impala Black ,Padang Dark Granite,etc
Stone Number:G654
Physical technical performance
Bulk Density:2.7-2.8g/cm3
Water Absorption:0.37%
Dry Compressive Strength:218.3MPA
Water Saturation Compressive Strength:270MPA
Dry Bending Strength:26.6MPA
Water Saturation Bending Strength:38MPA
G654 Technical Specifications

3 G654 Granite Products Popular Shapes

We know that most popular natural granite stone can be design and produce in rich shapes and styles. Same like that, the G654 Granite also can be produce in a lots of finished products too. In general, the different granite projects has with various request for products. We can list some most popular shapes products with detailed size list for customers reference.

3.1 G654 Granite Slabs

The granite slabs is most popular use and easy cut products. We cut raw granite blocks into slabs. At the same time, G654 Granite can cut in big full slabs and half slabs both. Of course, the 2 types products with various price level and diffrent use. For example, the big full slabs size in 2600/1600mm up, and half slabs in 2400/600mm up,etc.

3.2 G654 Granite Countertops

As the G654 Granite material in very clean and stable, that also often used for produce kitchen granite countertops products. That kind of products often request the granite material with very big size for match the various kitchen tops. In general, the G654 Granite Countertops popular size in  96”x26”, 108”x26”, 96”x36”, 108”x36”, 98”x37” or project size,etc.,Customized specification are also available.

The texture of G654 granite countertops is clear and natural. Granite has a wide variety of shades, colors and textures, and a wide range of options are available. The color of G654 granite is particularly beautiful after polishing, showing the luxury and nobleness. If you use it to make various special-shaped products to decorate your home, I believe it will bring you a good enjoyment.

G654 granite countertops are durable. Its dry compressive strength is 218.3 MPA, which is one of the harder stones and good wear resistance. Unlike other materials, it will not be burned by high temperature tableware. When properly sealed regularly, granite will resist stains and fading. Properly sealing the granite countertop helps to maintain the beautiful and shiny luster of the granite countertop for a long time.

3.3 G654 Granite Tiles

This type of G654 Granite products almost the most popular and biggest quantity supply now. As this kind of shapes products can be used for interior flooring tiles, but also can used for wall facade cladding tiles and outdoor paving stone,etc. The popular size like as 12”x12”x3/8” (305x305x10mm), 16”x16”x3/8” (400x400x10mm), 18”x18”x3/8” (457x457x10mm), 24”x12”x3/8” (610x305x10mm), etc;

3.4 G654 Granite Building Stone

This kind of products includes G654 Granite cobblestones, Kerbstones and Landscaping stone sculptures,etc. The most popular products used for outdoor application and rough surface treatment. As this material with price advantages and long time service life, there with more and more projects use it till now.

3.5 G654 Granite Sculptures

As G654 Granite Stone material in easy cutting and carvings, then we can use it for carving most popular stone sculptures products. In general, the popular types like as G654 Granite water fountains, stone statues sculptures,etc.

4 G654 Granite Surface Choose

Similar like as other popular Chinese Granite materials, G654 Granite also can do in rich surface types. When we use it for different projects, there always use various surface methods for treat it. The popular type like as high degree polish surface,that often over 90 degree polish. Honed surface,this surface with good touch feel. Flamed treaet, it is a rough surface but in flat ,that mainly used for outdoor paving stone and wall tiles in most popular. Bush hammered, sand blast, and  leather/satin, river-washed/antique also is popular too.

5 G654 Granite Synonyms or other names

As a famous grey color natural stone,that popular in various countries. There also with a lots of other names. Like as  Crystal dark ,China Impala, D Grey, Dark Barry Grey, Dark Grey,Fine Grained Grey, Flake Grey, G3554, G654, NDG 036, Neu Impala,Nero Impala, New Jasberg, Padang Dark, Padang Dunkel, Padang Scuro, Padanga Dunkel, Impala dark,Palladio Light, Pandang Dark, Pandang Dunkel, Peppercon, Pepperino Dark, Pingnan Zhima Hei, Sesame Black, Impala Grey,Sesame Grey, Shangai Grey, Snow Flake Grey, TG 36,Impala 654,etc.

6 G654 Granite Supply Situation Now

At 2020 year, the Chinese goverment updates and improve local quarry enviroment check degree. The most stone factories start use high tech machines then can protect local enviroment and workers health both. At the same time, the most factories also start to production G654 in normal now. Legend Stone can supply G654 Granite about 10000m2 every month to Chinese market and world stone markets now.

7 Popular G654 Granite Export Markets

The reason why Sesame Black G654 is popular is that it has the advantages of non-slip, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, and pressure resistance. It is widely used in paving squares, parks, streets, parking lots and other places. G654 stone can be tiled into a variety of geometric patterns, beautiful and practical, in line with the aesthetic taste of the combination of modern architecture man and nature, and is a building material for engineering construction and indoor and outdoor decoration.

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