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G654 Granite Slabs

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New G654 Granite Slabs

G654 Granite Slabs Types And Choose

Old G654 Granite Slabs and New G654 Granite Slabs both with own feature and special application.

Padang Flamed Granite G654 Slabs

Flamed Padang G654 Granite Slabs

The G654 Granite slabs also can do in various surface types. Like most popular is polish and honed. At the same time, there also have flamed surface treatment. This Flamed Padang G654 Granite Slabs in very high quality and dark color. In addition, as this material is old Padang Dark Granite stone material, that also with very stable surface veins …

Padang Dark G654 Granite Slabs

Padang Dark G654 Granite Slabs

We know that G654 Granite with original type and new G654. Even the Original G654 Granite that also with 2 types. The fine grains types that named Padang Dark G654 Granite stone.This material origin from Changtai, China. The material with more dark color and very stable quality. Of course, that material also often used for interior use. At the daily …