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G654 Granite Surface Types

October 20, 2020

The G654 Granite as a natural stone material, that also with different surface types. How to choose surface and which is best for this material? To answer this question, we know g654 granite with very good quality and can do almost all types surface methods. Of course, we also should choose correct surface for own projects.

Generally speaking, the popular surface like as polish,honed, flamed, bush hammered, sandblast, and brushed, antique, leather surface,etc.Every type of stone surface methods is popular in market now. At the same time, the different type of surface also with own feature too. Legend Stone can introduce those surfaces feature for g654 stone material.

Polish G654 Granite. This type product often used for interior floor and wall tiles. As that can show stone materials feature and with mirror effect. High degree surface treatment is this material feature.

Honed G654 Granite. This type product with very good touch feel for hand, and the surface also with anti light effect. The peoples can use it for swimming pool tiles, wall tiles,etc.

Flamed G654 Granite. This type product is very popular for used at outdoor projects. Whatever in paving granite stone projects or wall facade cladding tiles. That always the most popular use. Of course, this type product also with compeitive price, the surface in flat and rough treat.

Bush hammered G654 Granite. This surface make the surface with special surface.At some special projects, there always can use it for decoration.

Antique G654 Granite. This surface often made in flamed+many times brushed. The surface in very flat and smoothly, that also with special feature too.

Except above popular surface, there also have some new design surface too. Just as g654 granite with so good psychical feature, that allow us to design various products.

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