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G654 Granite Flamed Application & Use

April 12, 2021

G654 granite is the most famous and popular dark gray granite material in China. This material is not only popular in the Chinese market, but also used by many well-known foreign buildings. Whether it is Europe, the United States, Canada, or Australia, we can find the presence and use of G654. This is of course due to the excellent quality and very good price of G654 stone.In particular,G654 Granite Flamed is a important shape,that also occupy big market now. How to use it and where can we use,that get a lots of peoples interest.

G654 Granite Flamed is a common processing method, which is to burn the stone surface with fire to make the surface rough and classically beautiful. This is not only a special aesthetic effect, but more importantly, it has a non-slip effect. Especially when we use this product outdoors where there is rain.

Where is this G654 Granite Flamed product mainly used? We know that there are a large number of different stone projects outdoors that require products with anti-slip effects. For example, swimming granite pools, garden granite sidewalks, garden floor paving, and some exterior wall panels of buildings, etc.This requires us to have professional knowledge and basic common sense for this application in order to ensure the correct use of the product.

G654 granite has very good physical properties, not only good compressive strength, water absorption, but also stable density and good structure. In this way, when we carry out different surface processing and processing of different sizes and shapes, the product always has a very good effect.As a professional G654 Granite exporter from China, we always supply it with good raw material.

When you plan to use non-slip granite products outdoors or indoors, and the color needs to be dark gray, then G654 Granite Flamed product is a very good choice. Because it is not only able to supply and produce in large quantities, but also always has a very good price guarantee.

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