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Padang Dark G654 Granite Slabs

Padang Dark G654 Granite Slabs

We know that G654 Granite with original type and new G654. Even the Original G654 Granite that also with 2 types. The fine grains types that named Padang Dark G654 Granite stone.This material origin from Changtai, China. The material with more dark color and very stable quality. Of course, that material also often used for interior use. At the daily …


G654 Granite Stone Table Top

The natural Granite G654 stone materials in dark grey color, that often used for interior stone projects design and use. For example, the granite kitchen countertops and granite vanity tops, granite table tops often use this material. At the same time, this material with perfect quality and big range use. This G654 Granite Stone Table Top with very nice surface …

G654 Granite Countertops

G654 Granite Products Range

The G654 Granite like other popular natural granite stone, that can be produce and used for rich shapes and styles. At the daily life, the peoples know this granite stone with very high hardness and stable color. In general, we know this material also named Seasame black granite, Impala Black Granite and Padang Dark Granite,etc. As we know that material …

Tumbled G654 Granite Cobblestone

Tumbled G654 Granite Cobblestone

The G654 Granite as a important natural stone material, that with dark grey color and very high quality. Indeed, this material almost popular in the around the world. At the same time, the G654 Stone products also with different shapes can choose and use. This Tumbled G654 Granite Cobblestone in special surface treat and widely application. In addition, the material …

Guangxi G654 Granite Stone

Guangxi G654 Granite Stone

The New G654 Granite with many types and various origin place. This New g654 granite also named Zhongshan Qing,that origin from Guangxi province,China. The material with a little grey green and middle grains. In general, we can use it for produce most popular flamed granite tiles and that similar as original g654 granite stone too. At the daily life, this …

G654 Granite Blocks

G654 Granite Blocks Arrived To Workshop

G654 Granite Blocks has arrived to workshop, and welcome customers give us inquiry.

JL New G654 Granite Half Slab

JL New G654 Granite Half Slab

With old G654 Granite quarry supply materials in slowly, there have appear a lots of new g654 granite from market. For example, the famous types like as new g654 granite from Hainan, Liaoning, Jilin, and Nanjing,Fujian,China. All those materials with very good quality and nice surface. Of course, it is also with various use. This JL New G654 Granite Half …

1CM Thickness G654 Granite Tiles

1cm Thickness G654 Granite Tiles

The G654 Granite can cut in different thickness. In general, our popular slabs thickness in 1.8cm,2cm,3cm,etc. At the same time, when customers with special demand or request for that, our factory will customs to produce it. For example, this G654 Granite Tiles in thickness 1cm, that with polish surface treatment. The customers use it for interior floor tiles. This 1cm …